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Name: Katy
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Name: Day
Age: 23
Subject taught: Poison Class
Canon: Best Served Cold
Canon point: Post Death

Not much is known about Day's early life, but sometime in her late teen years she became an apprentice to Morveer, one of the greatest poisoners of the world. She finished her apprenticeship after mastering making the king of poisons. Only to be used in the most direst circumstances, where no other poison will do. A poison that not only her master has immunity to. She agreed to remain as his assistant as she still had much to learn.

Day is young looking with dirty-blonde hair and innocent looking features which makes her the last person anyone would suspect as a poisoner, which was the reason Morveer chose her in the first place. She fell in with Mucatto and her quest for revenge when she and her master were hired. A job is a job, she says herself that only the job and the pay mattters, she cares naught for the motives of her employer. She tries generally to only poison those she had been paid to but has no qualms about Moveer poisoning an entire bank to kill one man.

She is rarely seen without food in her hand, an apple, a cake and finds no moment inapropriate to eat. She has quite a dark grim sense of humour, which sort of comes with the trade. Her motto she has borrowed off her master, caution first always.

She tends to follow her masters lead, even to the point of repeating words after him but really she finds him annoying and puts up with him just for the sake of a roof over her head, food and the chance to increase her knowledge.

As time goes on, like everyone, eventually she starts to become disilusioned with the idea of never ended revenge, Monaza manages to persuade her that sooner or later her master will defect and sell her out as a scapegoat. The seed of distrust sprouts as Day never really trusts anyone, she expects to be betrayed eventually by everyone so it comes as no suprise to her. In her feelings of betrayal she poisons him with the king of poisons, the ultimate poison, a poison that looks, tastes and smells like water.

A poison which in reality is just water, a trick in case she ever proved disloyal. He nicks her with a blade that he claims to be poisoned and after making her apologise gives her the anidote, an antidote that turns out to be the deadly Lotus Blosson poison. She dies in agony feeling more betrayed than ever and angry at everyone.

Name: Morveer

Form: Blowpipe

  • Desperation
  • Inflicts Poison
  • Inflicts Paralysis
  • Inflicts Slowness
  • Inflicts Weakness

Lost memories:
  • That the King of Poisons is just water
  • Why Morveer killed her
  • What her favourite cake tastes like
  • How to use a bow
  • Why Monza hired them to kill the six.
  • The name of the bank that she poisoned.
  • How to tie shoelaces
  • The names of Monza's other employees (except Morveer)
  • The names of colours
  • The sound of birds

Sample: Here


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